Let me be your guide on the path to being a Video Master!
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The Erica Jay Productions Video Master Program is presented by Erica "EJay" Johnson a Videographer, Video Editor and Video Teacher of over 8 years.

What is the Video Master Program

Videos are the key to marketing but you are looking for a 1-stop-shop way to ACTUALLY learn how to create effective videos and learn WHAT to do with them after you have created them.

A 30-Day program that will teach you the difference between a Talking Head video, Explainer Video and a Product Shot video and WHEN to use WHICH type of video. You will also go through Lighting, Framing, Editing (on your phone OR software program), Equipment Recommendations for a wide variety of budgets, Building a Marketing Plan and a 1-page website.

There will be a group session, 1-on-1 calls with your Master Program Coach - Erica "EJay" Johnson and even payment plans to fit everyone's budgets!

You can do this.

It's going to be work.
But learning something new..is.
Perfecting a craft...is.
Anything WORTH doing is WORTH IT!
I'll be right by your side, you AREN'T alone.

It''s Made for YOU.

If you are a team.
If you are doing this solo.
The Chapters in the Program are made with easy to understand terminology....you will not onlyl learn the CORRECT terminology but how to use it so that it become everyday language. 

Take classes anywhere.

You can access the classes on your phone, your tablet, or your computer!
Even better, you can complete the exercises on your phone, tablet or video camera!
Your equipment doesn't matter...

I know you're busy.


However, taking the time to learn this now will help you not waste your time making videos that DON'T work in the future.

Because making a video that doesn't work...is wasting time.

The price of Value.


4 weeks.
9 Chapters of Lessons.
Knowledge to last you a lifetime.

Registration is $25
(secures your spot in that month's program, less than 16 students in each month!)
2 Payments of $87.50 - 1 a month


Another Option

Not ready to commit to the program but still want to take classes that will help you create videos along the way?

The Video School is EXACTLY what you need.
There are individual classes that are self paced in the Video School.