About the Program...

Videos are the key to marketing but you are looking for a 1-stop-shop way to ACTUALLY learn how to create effective videos and learn WHAT to do with them after you have created them.

A 30-Day program that will teach you the difference between a Talking Head video, Explainer Video and a Product Shot video and WHEN to use WHICH type of video. You will also go through Lighting, Framing, Editing (on your phone OR software program), Equipment Recommendations for a wide variety of budgets, Building a Marketing Plan and a 1-page website.

There will be a group session, 1-on-1 calls with your Master Program Coach - Erica "EJay" Johnson and even payment plans to fit everyone's budgets!

Student Expectations

You are expected to be an engaged student. Completitng the assignments and watching/reading the lessons.
Don't worry... I know we are all busy running our businesses, so there is ample time to get everything done. Hence why the program is 30 days.

You are expected to be respectful to the Instructor and the other students in your class.

Your success in the program LARGELY depends on you. If you don't know something, ASK FOR CLARITY. If you fall behind and need more time...SPEAK UP.

Payment Term Review

Registration Fee:
This fee guarantees your spot in the program. Spots are limited

Program Fee: 
This is the fee for the program

Refund Policy:
There are no refunds on the Registration Fee.
There are no refunds on the Program Fee.
You occupying a spot means that someone else who wanted to get a spot did not. Please honor that and only register for the program if you are ready to be committed.

Other Situations:
I (Erica) acknowledge that life happens. But it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to speak up and contact me if they can't continue the program. If a situation arises, don't worry, I will work with you. A solution will happen - including (but not limited to and at the discretion of Erica Johnson) to rescheduling your spot to the next month's program.

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Not ready to commit to the 30-Day Program?

The Video School has separate classes that you can take and go at your own pace! Check it out!
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